about us

Yalova Group; It operates in the Construction, Real Estate, Recycling and Agriculture sectors. Yalova Group plays a locomotive role in its region thanks to the projects, investments and investment partnerships it has realized so far.

Yalova Group is a rising value with its ever-evolving vision, strong corporate structuring, qualified staff, sectoral knowledge and experience, and the projects it has realized and plans to realize.

Yalova Group prioritizes knowledge and merit. It feels the social responsibility phenomenon at the highest level in the regions where it invests. Especially for the better tomorrow of our youth, it carries out many activities in education, sports, culture and arts.

Yalova Group follows the architectural requirements of the era and the rapidly changing design and comfort trends in the globalizing world in all its projects.


Yalova Group;

  • In constant contact with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the relevant ministries about the sectoral legislation,
  • About the new development plans with the information flow provided as a result of the negotiations with the State Planning Organization,
  • By keeping in constant dialogue with zoning and urban planning offices, we can discuss sectoral trends, developments and opportunities.

offers its investors pinpoint and lucrative real estate investment opportunities through comprehensive and up-to-date information, in line with the principles of commercial ethics.

Mission vision

As Yalova Group, our mission is to bring modern architecture, technology in the light of cultural values; To establish quality and reliable living spaces without harming the nature by combining it with original solutions and unchanging quality understanding.

The vision of Yalova Group is to become a leading company in its sector with an understanding that adopts customer satisfaction, quality, technological developments, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management understanding and sharing as a principle.

Our strategy is for the future.

Quality policy

Yalova Group is among the most reliable companies in its sector with the understanding of "Total Quality" in the projects it carries out, and acts knowing that trust is one of the most important feelings underlying human relations.

Yalova Group has determined its management and quality policy in order to bring together its employees, customers, suppliers, affiliates, all business partners and shareholders for the same purpose, in line with the duties and common values of the partnership, taking into account the Law and Legislation and trade ethics.


The basic elements that determine our quality policy are as follows:

  • Being aware of the value of safe life, we ensure the health, safety, today and tomorrow of our employees by giving importance to safety and security in all our services.
  • We support training and individual development by organizing activities to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction, and keep the team spirit authorized by sharing knowledge and responsibility in line with the transparent management principle.
  • Aware of the value that every job supported by training will add to the service offered to the customer; We produce services with our employees who produce solutions, share their knowledge, know and participate in teamwork, and constantly improve themselves.
  • In the projects we have undertaken, we perceive customer demands correctly, direct customer requests and adhere to these requests at the maximum level.
  • Time Projects We know the importance of completing and delivering the work on time in accordance with the work schedule and technical specifications.
  • By following the technology that will provide competitive advantage, we provide all the necessary resources and use them at the most appropriate level to achieve the highest level of operational safety, security and quality.
  • Considering the different cultures of our customers; By correctly perceiving and evaluating both today's and future expectations and needs, we ensure timely delivery of the service and effectively evaluate the customer's satisfaction, suggestions and complaints.
  • In all our business processes, we display a quality-oriented, systematic and disciplined approach and create opportunities for improvement by constantly reviewing the system.

As Yalova Group, our values are gathered under 4 headings:

  • Doing the best, accomplishing the hardest
  • Innovation, realizing what has not been done before
  • Help
  • Aesthetic

Social responsibility

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Orbay Tuna believes that young people are the most important factor for the future of the country. Our company, which thinks that sports activities are very important in the development of our youth; It is the official sponsor of Yalovaspor Football and Basketball branches. Mr. Tuna is also the president of the club.


Social responsibility Projects


Human Sources


The fact that our organization operates in different sectors has enabled us to develop a flexible perspective in creating different human resources. Being aware of the importance of our human resources in the future of our company, we always make us feel that they work in a family warmth.

We carefully follow the processes in the developing world and adapt all areas that we benefit from for our human resources in a unique way to our business life.

We continue to work on our processes in development and formation as well as existing human resources processes.

For the existence and continuity of our organization, it is important for us that our employees share the same feelings with our senior management and approach the business with the same sensitivity. Responsibility awareness, respectful approach in every communication channel, and making our employees feel their value are indispensable.

We are based on the principle of efficiency in all our human resources activities. We shape our human resources processes with the awareness that employee happiness goes through a fair, transparent and educational approach.